The Most Amazing Eyelashes And Eyelids

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The Most Amazing Eyelashes And Eyelids

Beautifully Long Eyelashes

Eyelashing used to be a part of women’s make up and it has been affected by fashion. However; this kind of mascara has recently been under the focus of many artists. They excelled in transforming it into a totally different kind of make up.

A New Art: Eyelashes And Eyelids

In this article we brought you some of the craziest and most awesome designs of eyelashes and eyelids that will astonish you.

The collection was created by Tal Peleg an artist who amazingly took us to a new world of imagination. She made us take time and think again not only about the beauty that dwells on human beings but also on how creative and innovative the human mind can be and what we are capable of.

From now you can consider make up an art work. Thus it can be a way to refine one’s artistic skills and feel less guilty of the time that most women spend in front of the mirror.

Enjoy this journey into the deep eyes and share your thoughts below.


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