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Commonly Mispronounced Places With Listening Correction


 Commonly Mispronounced Places With Listening Correction


World’s Most Commonly Mispronounced Places

Most of the travelers find themselves hesitating when it comes to pronounce certain names of places especially when addressing to their settlers. Mispronouncing words is very common especially for non-native speakers or locals.

So do not take personally if you find yourself making these phonetic mistakes. Yet, from now on you know the correct pronunciation as in most cases words are uttered differently from how they are spelt.

The following video focuses on the commonly mispronounced places all over the world as well as the correct pronunciation with phonetic spelling of both of them.
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من فضلك قم بتعطيل أداة مانع الإعلانات أدبلوك من المتصفح للدخول لموقع رقميديا أو إستخدم متصفح موقع رقميديا يعتمد فقط على الأعلانات كمصدر لإستمراريته لذلك نرجو منك تفهم الأمر بدون إنزعاج وشكرا لك
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