Farmer Rushing Task Online Game

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Farmer Rushing Task Online Game

The addictive Working Farmer fruits collecting

لعبة الفلاح المثابر – مسلية ورائعة لن تتوقف عن اللعب

Game Description:

Collect your crops made of vegetables and fruits and head to the shop to sell them and get your reward. However; be sure to drive with caution as the road is hard to cross and you may end end loosing your collected items! Raqmedia allows you to be that hard worker farmer and enjoy this exciting trip online on your computer to enjoy it anytime and share it with your friends. So have fun while sharpening your mental skills and problem solving techniques.
You can play the game by using the keyboard through the four arrow keys in the navigation or through the keys a, s, d, w and follow the instructions to get the skills you need accordingly. This tractor in village is exciting to drive around the village with joy and use it to beat all the levels throughout this game! What are you waiting for! ^_^ Play now.

Note: The game is playable on computers and does not support mobiles. Yet, we are working on the issue. Check us regularly! Reload / refresh the page if controls do not work.
ملاحظة: قم بتحديث الصفحة إذا لم تشتغل اللعبة.
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Hope you enjoyed these games. Check us as we will be bringing more educational, brain and funny games to entertain you while learning.

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