Find The Tresor Free Game

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Find The Tresor Free Game

Fight And Hunt Your Tresor

لعبة البحث عن الكنز – مسلية ورائعة

Game Description:

Help the young man of the Gulf to search for the golden treasure on the island located in the middle of the ocean. Use snowballs to kill predatory animals and monsters on the island that are blocking your way and trying to prevent you from reaching the precious treasure.

Get rid of the vicious pirates and show your talents. Be brave and face those monsters trying to win them. Use the keyboard in the game to emulate the man of the Gulf and click on the ruler until you hit the ice balls on the monsters.

Record a high score and advance in the game will let you win and move to the rest level of the game by collecting the largest number of gold coins in your way and you will get more of them, when you kill predatory monsters on the island.

Note: The game is playable on computers and does not support mobiles. Yet, we are working on the issue. Check us regularly! Reload / refresh the page if controls do not work.


ملاحظة: قم بتحديث الصفحة إذا لم تشتغل اللعبة.
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