Fix IDM Extension Problems In Any Browser

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Transferring and downloading files from the internet has become a daily task in our browsing. Net surfers use a variety of browsers, however, the battle is mainly between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which have almost 70% share of users whether on desktop or smartphones.

To go back to the download tasks, you can use the integrated downloaders of these internet browsers or alternatively install a third-party software. The most popular program that you have obviously already installed in your computer Internet Download Manager known as IDM.

Fix IDM Extension Problems In Any Browser:

We will not cover the many verdicts of IDM, but we will show you how to fix the issue of not working properly. You probably have received a message saying that IDM integration in your browser is not working properly or the icon does not appear whenever you want to download a video or a file. These are some of the issues you could face if the problem persists:

  • Not able to download files or videos.
  • The IDM icon appears in appropriate spots.
  • A HTML file is downloaded instead of the video.
Consequently, all the tasks will be carried out back to the default downloader. To fix issue for good, we provide you with the following step by step guide both for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to Add IDM Extension to Chrome Browser Manually:

Video / Embed

How to Add IDM Extension to Firefox Browser Manually:

And here is the way to deal with the issue if you are a Mozilla Firefox user.
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