Manually Eject A Stuck CD From Any Disc Drive

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Manually Eject A Stuck CD From Any Disc Drive

How to Force Eject a Stuck Disc 100% Working

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Did you ever need to open your CD or DVD drive, which are commonly known as an optical drive, but you could not? Worse, the disc inside contains your favorite movie, important documents, or other necessary documents. This may be because:

  • Your laptop battery runs out,
  • The engine no longer responds to your orders,
  • Or it may be because of a problem with the drive door itself,
  • Or the problem may be from the disc,
  • Or other unknown reasons.

But regardless of the reason or problem you expect to be causing your drive not to open, there is no need to hurry and think about replacing or changing the whole drive merely for the disc’s output key does not work or carry the expected function.

Fortunately there are alternative methods that can overcome this problem, and are proved to be successful in opening the drive for sure.

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To get this trick and tip on how to manually eject a stuck CD from any disc drive easily,  just follow our step by step guide below and you will get your favorite discs back.

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