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Reflecting On MMVC16 Virtual Conference Presentation 1

Virtual Conference Presentation

Reflecting On MMVC16 Virtual Conference Presentation 1


1. About The Course:

  • MMVC16: An abundance of PD opportunities online More than meets the eye
  • August 7, 2016  08:00
  • Duration :    45 Minutes
  • Online course / Webinar
  • Link to recorded course:


2. Overview Of The Course:

In this webinar V. Stevens highlighted the abundance of professional development for teachers which are now made easy to enroll and follow. As technology is evolving, the web offers a plenty of opportunities to get in touch with colleague teachers and students. Stevens gave examples of some of events and courses that would help teachers in their professional development that would certainly impact their teaching. Learning2gether Episode #340 and edCamp are one of many online PD opportunities.


3. Challenges::

As a teacher of English Language, I think that the course is directly related to our professional development and it offered several choices for any instructor to pursue his / her PD. Actually, it saved a lot of time and efforts in searching for adequate ways to develop my skill as a language teacher.
The possible challenges are the availability of resources and time for instructors.
The professional development offered online does not meet the local curriculum that the teacher have to implement.

4. Possible Ways out:

First, with a good time management to balance between responsibilities and the willingness to develop one’s skills all challenges will be easy to defy.

Second, When it comes to selecting the courses to follow, teachers – at least this is what I do – should give priority to professional development that goes with the objectives of their local curriculum for  example if the curriculum focus more on speaking then the PD on speaking should come first.

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