How To Install WordPress in OVH Servers

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How To Install WordPress in OVH Servers

How to Install WordPress: Beginner’s Guide

In this article you will learn how to install WordPress to work with a hosting OVH.

The procedure is the same as for other hosts:
  1. Subscribe to a plan that offers a database, web server, php …
  2. Retrieve usernames and passwords of the database and FTP access.
  3. Download WordPress, unzip it and send it on disk space with a program like FileZilla.
  4. Go to the address of your blog and enter the information on the database (if you do not want to manually edit the wp-config-sample.php) and the website / blog will be operational immediately.
For full procedure check the following tutorial:

You can also check our tutorial on How To Install Or Uninstall Themes in WordPress Step By Step.

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