How To Unbrick Hardbricked Samsung Galaxy

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How To Unbrick Hardbricked Samsung Galaxy

In this tutorials i will help you to make a backup of the EFS partition for your galaxy S3 or any other series.

How To Fix A Boot Loop or Bricked Samsung Device

And if one day you lost/changed your device’s IMEI or become NULL or confused, then do not panic with this backup you will be able to restore it easily without any problem. Imei is important because if your phone lost it it will never be registered in the network… means simply your phone will be use just for Internet navigation on WIFI…..

I personally went through that case and I really felt depressed as this happened to my new galaxy as I was playing around with the kernel and the software of the phone. For all those who want to bypass the limits, as it is my case, this tutorial will certainly save you.

After getting in trouble I did a lot of search on the net in different languages: English, French, Russian and Arabic. And finally I figured it out and decided to shoot this video to cut it short for your. Hope it will be of help for all  our fans.

How To unbrick / debrick hardbricked Samsung Galaxy S3 [NO JTAG]

As we said before this software will help you to buck up your galaxy IMEI so that you can use it for security reasons and keep you save if you are trying different custom Roms for the phone.

Without this buck up you can never recover the device and if you are lucky enough your phone will stay alive and you can just use the WIFI as it may not get registered in any network service.


The links to the software will be available soon as we get the copyrights of sharing it. Keep tuned and do subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest updates and news. If you do have any questions then do comment them below. We will be happy to answer them.

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